EXCLUSIVE! Oneness Vs. Anti-Oneness Pink 7" (Limited to 500)*

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Limited to 500! Debut U.S. Vinyl Pressing of Enigmatic Producer & Beatmaker Oneness Vs. Anti-Oneness

"OVA-O reminds you to not lose hope. There is always something refreshing just around the corner that can answer that nagging question: What if Zappa got hold of some hip hop?"
- Will Dailey

The funkiest reptilian the galaxy has ever seen simply CANNOT BE STOPPED!
It’s 2021 here on Earth, and the Evolutionary Galactic Federation is flummoxed. They’ve grown tired of these “siloed music genres”. A new decree has been issued; Earthlings must increase peak tonal vibrations or lose their standing within the esteemed Foundation!

Enter Oneness Vs. Anti-Oneness (OVA-O), a cybernetic humanoid reptilian producer & beat-maker, who will surely save us all...

Light of Day Records is proud to announce debut singles from OVA-O on an indie-exclusive pink 7". OVA-O tracks feature rich, complex musical arrangements mixing elements of hip-hop, punk, breakbeat, free jazz + art rock.

*Street date 8/27/21 - pre-orders mail week of August 23rd