Light of Day Records


Monumental Market: 2021 Boston's Best Coffee Shop


The Light of Day Records store is located inside Monumental Market, 2021 "Best Coffee Shop" awarded by Boston Magazine, in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborshood. Come pay us a vist or enjoy shopping our catalog online! 


The human experience lives on vinyl. 

Every "triumph". Every "failure".

Bold visions for our future and short-sighted cash ins.

Gorgeous artistic statements and bad executive-driven "refinements". 

You can bear witness to it all on your turntable. 

Vinyl records came back for a reason. Music and art has largely become a disposable commodity in late-stage capitalism, but a vinyl record still represents the physical embodiment of a dream fully lived. 

Light of Day Records, an indie record label + boutique record store located in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, is dedicated to bringing you the very best in classic & contemporary music on vinyl.